Spinning Dumbbells


Spinning Dumbbells “Howard and I love working with Marjorie. Our intent in signing up as a couple was to be supportive and encouraging to each other. Marjorie has made it much more. She designs workouts that we can do as partners as well as addressing our individual needs. We come away invigorated and laughing. It is a great way to start our day. She motivates us on days when we are dragging and inspires us to reach higher and higher while giving us the tools to get there in a safe and healthy way. I have felt myself grow in strength and endurance, now enjoying a particularly challenging hill on my favorite snow shoe trail instead of dreading it. Thank you Marjorie, for making our quest for better health so enjoyable and successful.” P.D. and H.D.

Spinning Dumbbells“I have been a client for about 2 years. Marjorie is great at getting the most out of the hour and motivating you to do what you should. If you have to reschedule, she is going to track you down and make sure you come in for your workout. As a heavy guy in my mid-40's with some injuries, working out regularly with Marjorie has helped me to feel much better and healthier. I belong to a gym but never go - Marjorie makes me show up which is worth the cost. Marjorie is also a great friend and fun to chat with during the workout, so I never dread going. I highly recommend PF for anyone who needs to get into a fitness routine.” J.M.

Spinning Dumbbells“I've never been a "Gym" type guy and being in my 60's, that option seemed even less appealing. On the recommendation of a friend in 2009, I made an appointment with PhyZZically Fit. I quickly realized the benefits of the friendly, personal instruction and quiet, sincere encouragement. The improvement in all areas of my health and fitness were constant and rewarding. Now as I enjoy retirement (in the best physical shape in 15 years), I realize that my four plus years with PhyZZically Fit was one of the best decisions I've ever made.” [And still going every week!] J. G., retired

Spinning Dumbbells“I have been training with Marjorie for over 4 years and it has been a truly rewarding experience. Marjorie is fun, energetic and very knowledgeable about training and working with injuries. I went to her because I have a back injury and she customized a program to work with me to make it stronger and help me maintain my active life-style. When I injured my knee skiing, she tailored my program to help my knee recover and now I’m back to skiing all those Black Diamonds! She is always thinking up new ways to help me and to keep my workouts fresh and motivating. Since working out with Marjorie my all around fitness is better than it was when I was much younger and I am mostly pain free. When my back does act up or when I injure myself now, I’ve noticed that my recovery times are much faster because I’m in such good shape. Marjorie is a great inspiration, a wonderful, caring person and I really appreciate all she’s done to help me!” L.L., Designer and Feng Shui Consultant

Spinning Dumbbells“If I didn’t schedule the time with Marjorie each week, I wouldn’t make the time to work out and it’s a great stress reliever when I go. Since working out, I have seen an overall improvement in my tone and fitness level. I have been injuring myself less often, too. Working out isn’t my favorite activity, but Marjorie makes it fun!” – B.L., CEO

Spinning Dumbbells “I have been working out with Marjorie for six months now and in that time I have lost 15 pounds, without going on a formal diet plan. I started up with Marjorie since I needed to get back into an exercise program but lacked the motivation to do it on my own. Without my scheduled appointments I would not be motivated to do this. I even exercised during the holiday season and maintained my weight. Marjorie makes exercise fun and I like the way she changes up the routine after so many visits. She encourages us to do some aerobic type of exercise on other days and knowing that she will ask what we did is an incentive to get out walking, biking, or hiking. I find it hard sometimes to get there for early morning appointments, but I feel so much better after my workout. I’m more awake and energized and that feeling lasts throughout the day.” – N. D., Quality Software Engineer

Spinning Dumbbells “When Marjorie asked for my goals on our first meeting, I thought, I just want to feel better, look better, be better. Wow, what an amazing difference in just a short time. My energy level has surpassed my expectations. And an unanticipated benefit, my improved ability to handle stress. I have also dropped two pant sizes, yes two pant sizes in just a few months. (The shopping trip was even more fun.) And I am confident at the age of 46 I can confidently wear sleeveless tops this summer for the first time in a long time. Marjorie makes it fun, keeps it interesting, and with results like this, I am addicted.” – S.Y., Retail Regional Vice President

Spinning Dumbbells "I can’t believe the difference weight training has made in my life these past few months. I feel stronger and in the best shape I’ve been in for a long time. My core muscle strength is better, my posture has improved, and my endurance for daily activities has definitely increased. My initial goal in setting up a twice weekly appointment with Marjorie was to keep my motivation level up and to see results more quickly. That being achieved, I decided to maintain the same schedule for consistency but most of all for the health benefits I’ve experienced. My cholesterol dropped from 256 to 207! My doctor no longer suggests medication and she loves what I’m doing to keep myself in good physical and mental health. I love Marjorie’s studio because it’s immaculate, private, and welcoming! I love the undivided attention and that I’m not just another club member working the same plan as everyone else. Marjorie has incorporated exercises from my previous physical therapy for neck and shoulder problems into my personal plan. I have complete confidence in her ability to manage an effective routine for me and keep me motivated." - J.D., Retired Program Manager

Spinning Dumbbells "I have been working out with Marjorie for a year. I have seen my strength and endurance increase significantly. I am able to work long days without the fatigue I have experienced in the past. I highly recommend Marjorie and her very effective workout routine to everyone interested in their well being." - K.A., Massage Therapist

Spinning Dumbbells "We have been working out with Margie for 9 months and we love it. She has designed programs for both of our individual strengths and goals that allow us to work out together. Margie is very good at mixing up the exercise routine so that we don't become bored or fall into a pattern. We enjoy this time together as a couple, knowing we are doing something healthy for ourselves. We have both learned that exercise is fun and extremely beneficial." - L.C., Retirement Account Specialist - M.R., Information Developer

Spinning Dumbbells "I hate exercise and have been a couch potato my whole life. Marjorie has made exercise fun and I look forward to our regular appointments. I also feel better after a session. It's nice to leave work and go to my work out in Marjorie's private studio. It's nice to feel secure knowing that no one is watching me exercise, not the kids at home or body builders at the gym." - I.R., Web Designer

Spinning Dumbbells "Even after exercising for 25 years, it's still hard to make it a priority. With Marjorie's help, I have been exercising more consistently because I have an appointment and have to fit it in. Marjorie will set up an appointment that fits my busy schedule, whether we work out at my home, or her studio. In addition, she is motivating and fun at the same time. I look forward to exercising with her, and get a good work out that I can "remember" the next day when climbing stairs or trying to sit down. I feel stronger and have fewer injuries when I'm working out regularly. All in all, this has been a great change in my life." - J.B., Sales Training Program Manager